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Report by Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. observer of the Public Meeting held below:

The meeting was ably chaired by Murray Thompson, MLA for Sandringham, who was thanked at the end by strong applause. Speakers representing groups associated with Beaumaris Reserve, including the Tennis Club, Soccer Club, Art Group, and Returned Services League (principal watchers over the Cenotaph) gave their reasons why they could not accept a skateboard ramp near their areas of concern. They were followed by representatives of Friends of Balcombe Park (Joan Couzoff), Bayside Friends of Native Wildlife (Michael Norris), and Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. (its Secretary, Ron Morris). Each speaker addressed the meeting for up to 5 minutes.

The conservation speakers said they were not in favour of removal of indigenous vegetation, but stressed that Balcombe Park had by far the greatest priority for protection. Peter Wolstenholme, of Neighbourhood Watch, spoke of problems of facilities that attract certain age groups. A resident of Cloris Avenue gave his views of concerns about a site on the north of Beaumaris Reserve. Mrs Elspeth Black, of the Twelve on Victor Bed and Breakfast house opposite the proposed Beaumaris Reserve site, explained her rejection of that site. Both Bayside councillors for Beaumaris, Crs Ken Beadle and Derek Wilson, attended, but neither spoke.

Individual speakers then spoke for a similar time. They included former BCS Inc. member Tina Owens; two teenage boys, Nick and Tom, who were skateboard enthusiasts; and Geoffrey Goode. Tina spoke strongly on the need for physical recreational facilities for teenagers beyond ball games, and urged those present to do something positive to cause such facilities to be built. The teenage speakers told of their keenness on skateboarding, and the need for a ramp. They instanced other sites, such as the north-west corner of Banksia Reserve. Geoffrey gave background to problems with a previous ramp (reverberant timber, not concrete), and the Bayside City Council commissioners’ sale of  two grassed spaces on the east corner of Cloris Avenue and Scott Street.

Speakers asked why the Beaumaris Campus of Sandringham College, which has considerable grassed open land, could not arrange for its north-west corner to be leased to the Council for a skateboard ramp. Murray Thompson said that the School Council had to agree if that was to happen, and that it had so far not been in favour of that.

The meeting concluded with a show of hands, for each of the 3 sites below, of those favouring them for a ramp. Few favoured any of those 3 sites. Nearly all hands were raised in favour of the Council examining further sites than those three. People accepted invitations to join a Working Group to pursue speakers’ concerns. Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. chose not to provide a representative for that Group, but offered to give its views on any new sites proposed.

  • Residents  
  • Conservationists 
  • Cricketers 
  • Skateboarders
  • Senior Citizens      
  • Soccer enthusiasts      
  • Artists
  • Dog walkers   
  • Tennis Players
  • RSL Members
  • Library members          
  • Friends of Balcombe Park


We intend forming a Working Party of interested residents to investigate more closely a possible requirement and/or a suitable location for a Skate Board Facility in Beaumaris.

At the Bayside Council Meeting on 22 August 2005 there was stiff opposition to all three possible sites:

  • Balcombe Park bushland,
  • the Concourse Green, and
  • Beaumaris Reserve at Victor Street.

The meeting was well attended by a large number of residents. Councillors Beadle, Ryan, McLorinan, Dwyer and Wilson voted successfully to defer a decision until after a Special Council Meeting to be held at 7 p.m. on 13 September 2005, where residents and other involved parties can each have their say. Councillors Andrews, del Porto and Carroll unsuccessfully opposed that decision, saying they would have deferred the issue until after the Council elections ended, on 26 November.

As this Special Council Meeting is less than three weeks away, many of those attending Monday’s Council Meeting decided a “Call to Action Meeting” was required.

Please support your Beaumaris Community by attending a Public Meeting at Beaumaris Community Centre

At 7:30 p.m. Thursday, 1 September, 2005

Due to obvious time constraints, individual speakers will be limited to 3 minutes each. Please tell your “Interest Group” Coordinator before the meeting if you wish to speak.

The Chairperson might also allow each identified “Interest Group” that registers with one of the people below before the meeting to have one representative speak for up to 10 minutes.

To further discuss any of the above items, please contact

Elspeth Black  9589 0198 / Norm Stewart 9589 1435 / John Lawler  9589 4020