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MARK YOUR 2015 CALENDAR: Tim Flannery and others to talk here about Beaumaris Bay Fossil Site on Sunday, 22 February 2015
*BMYS OPEN DAY: Motor Yacht Squadron’s Open Day to explain its marina proposal, on Sunday, 01 February 2015, 10 am – 2 pm
*NEIGHBOURING GROUPS SUPPORT FOSSIL SITE: Bayside Leader reports on support that nearby conservation groups, from Sandringham to Mordialloc, are giving to Museum Victoria in its longstanding work to stress the site’s international importance.
*5-MILLION-YEAR-OLD SEA TURTLE FOSSIL:  Read of the discovery of this significant fossil at the Beaumaris Bay Fossil Site.
*CAMPAIGN 2014B: BCS Inc. supports the Beaumaris citizens’ campaign to save the Beaumaris RSL parkland.
*FORESHORE BUSHLAND CLEARING: Bsyside Council application to remove bushland to relocate the Charman-Cromer clifftop path
*STATE ELECTION CANDIDATE STATEMENTS: Click here for marina proposal statements by the 4 candidates for Sandringham District, here for their petition comments, and here for their how-to-vote cards. The Liberal won, and the 2-party-preferred count showed 11.8% of those that did not put him first nevertheless put him ahead of Labor, despite each of the non-Liberal cards putting him last.
*BEAUMARIS RSL SITEBCS Inc. will act in a VCAT review of a plan for 21 allotments on the 1.1 hectare property (averaging c. 500 sq. metres or less) at 489 Balcombe Road, Beaumaris, that was once Blamey House, named after the only Australian Field Marshall.
*FINAL DRAFT COAST MANAGEMENT PLAN: BCS Inc. objects to extra ‘high volume walking path’ along Bayside’s entire coast.
*BMYS LTD. NEWS ON ITS WEBSITE: The company has published its latest news on its marina proposal, as at September 2014.
*ONLINE PETITION TO SAVE BEAUMARIS BAY FROM A MARINA: Consider signing the petition, and perhaps comment also.
*BEAUMARIS HOTEL: At VCAT, BCS Inc. supported Council’s refusal, but the 1888 Hotel’s demolition is now almost complete.
*ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: The 62nd AGM elected new Office-bearers. See the President’s Annual Report.
*NATURE STRIP PLANTING POLICY: BCS Inc. supports Bayside City Council’s draft policy on indigenous plantings.
*BMYS LTD. DEFENDS MARINA PLAN: The Age reports on BMYS’s controversial  plan for its private marina in Beaumaris Bay.
*MARINA OPPOSED: Bayside Leader article reports on BCS Inc’s opposition to the marina threat to Beaumaris Bay.
*INVESTIGATION OF MARINA PROPOSAL: Interim and final reports received from BCS Inc’s 2013 AGM Guest Speaker.
JUNE 2014
*BCS INC. QUOTED: A major article in The Sunday Age on new planning zones quotes Chris Sutton, his BCS work, and a photo.
MAY 2014
*CONCERNS OVER COAST PLAN: BCS Inc. response to Bayside’s Plan criticizes emphasis on ‘facilities’, rather than conservation.
APRIL 2014
*COAST MANAGEMENT PLAN: Council seeks comment on its draft Coast Plan, to enquiries@bayside.vic.gov.au by 2 May 2014.
*PRIVATE WORKS ON LANDSIDE RESERVE: Council committee approves application to fell 11 trees and conduct works here.
*GRAVEL & KERBS ON BEAUMARIS RESERVE: Council to needlessly gravel and kerb well-drained durable sandy areas here.
MARCH 2014
*MMBW 1954 PLAN: The Age reports on, and links to, a short film the MMBW made for its first plan for the Melbourne metropolis.
*RICKETTS POINT LANDSIDE: Bayside Council letter has plan for timber bollards to protect Landside Reserve from vehicles.
*RICKETTS POINT LANDSIDE: Helpers needed for Clean Up Australia Day, 10:30 – 12:30, Sunday 2 March 2014. Details here.
EXTRA USE OF YACHT CLUB BUILDING: Council seeks views on site, or online. If the Club activities are contracting, perpetuating its building – which has concrete cancer – is not necessarily desirable. Including additional non-water-dependent uses, possibly by rebuilding it higher, would contravene the Hierarchy of Principles of the Victorian Coastal Strategy, as marine research and education does not need a foreshore site. Beaumaris Campus site awaits renewal works, it has much more land area, and MESAC there would better match its educational purpose. Peak visitor use in school holidays would be better there than on the crowded foreshore.

Public transport in Beaumaris passes the Beaumaris Campus, but not the Beaumaris Yacht Club. Bus routes 822 and 925 together provide access to the Beaumaris Campus site from each of Sandringham, Cheltenham and Mentone railway stations.


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