Campaign 2004: Optimum Siting for Beaumaris’s Junior Skateboard Ramp

Effect on the Beaumaris environment must be considered. 
2005SPECIAL COUNCIL MEETING ABOUT SITE FOR SKATEBOARD RAMP:Bayside Council heard views of citizens on the sites it intended to choose between, on 13th September 2005. 
2005PUBLIC MEETING ON THE THREE SKATEBOARD RAMP SITES:A group of Beaumaris residents held a Public Meeting on 1st September 2005 to form a Working Group on this issue. 
2004CONCOURSE GREEN SAVED FROM A CONCRETE SKATEBOARD RAMP:1,140-signature petition told Council theConcourse Green was an inappropriate site.

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Link to the Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc., of which BCS Inc. has been a Member Organization since 1970

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