Skateboard ramp other than the three below now ruled out.

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Bayside City Council resolved on 13 September 2005 to investigate sites for a skateboard ramp other than the three below now ruled out.

Balcombe Park bushland:
Bayside Council report sought to clear 850 square metres of this for a concrete skateboard ramp.

Council abandoned its first skateboard ramp choice, Beaumaris Reserve, after a petition by 400 people. A petition by 1,140 opposed its 2nd choice, the Concourse Green.

Council then held a survey of residents on its 1st and 2nd choices, and a 3rd – Balcombe Park bushland. Of the 1,554 replies, 53% preferred one of two sites other than Balcombe Park (Melway 86C5). That absolute majority of residents not wanting the ramp there split between Beaumaris Reserve (41 percentage points) & the Concourse Green (12 percentage points). A Council committee, addressed by the BCS Inc. Secretary, voted 7-1 for the Beaumaris Reserve site. Thank you, Cr Derek Wilson, who led the move to save Balcombe Park.

Balcombe Park is one of only four Beaumaris places with VPO2 overlay bushland. Siting there would have cleared 850 m² (1 typical house lot) of that, despite its Management Plan. The other sites have the very much more common VPO3 overlay.

Council abandoned the 3 sites it previously concentrated on. It then sought comments on using the south-west car park on Beaumaris Reserve, or some other site. Ultimately, the ramp was built on a secluded site at the western end of Donald MacDonald, Reserve.

Report of Residents’ PUBLIC MEETING

on 1st September 2005