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 Bayside Council Approvals Committee, on 1st December, refused a permit to build 2 roof decks (height of 11.24 m) at 1 & 1A Beach Road, Beaumaris. Agenda Page 80


VCAT judgment upholding Bayside Council’s refusal to permit 3 two-storey dwellings on a 920 mlot at 420 Balcombe Rd Beaumaris sets limits. BCS Inc.’s view was heard.

VCAT upholds, on streetscape & neighbourhood character,  Bayside City Council rejection of proposed 7-dwelling block, with 16 underground car spaces, & 2 roof decks.

Bayside City Council releases its Draft Bayside Bicycle Strategy, which notes the need to complete the link from Cromer Road to Charman Road, but reveals no details.

Hutchison Communications’ A4-size laminated paper signs at Beach Park fence invite questions on planned mobile phone antennas Rennison-Sparks & Haydens-Coral.


Details of three infestations of Sparaxis bulbs in Beaumaris Beach Park have been reported to City Wide, Bayside City Council’s conservation reserves contractor.


Desirability of Abandoning the “Minor Viewing Platform” originally proposed near “Moysey Gardens”: Letter sent to Bayside Council

Minutes of the 51st Annual General Meeting of the Beaumaris Conservation Society, in 2003


Mrs Barbara Cook, 7th Treasurer of BCS, 1976-79, died on 24th August 2003. Former BCS Presidents Geoffrey Goode and Ken Rendell attended her Memorial Service.

Planning Permit from Bayside Council & Department of Sustainability & Environment to dredge Beaumaris Bay to increase access to Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron

JULY 2003

Current Bayside Planning Scheme Index Map, & Zoning Maps, Coastal Height Control Maps, & Vegetation Protection Overlay Maps for Western & Eastern Beaumaris

Bayside City Council Press Release announcing partial acceptance by the Planning Minister of proposed C2 Amendment to the Bayside Planning Scheme

Bayside City Council to be praised for removing the serious pest plant Polygala in Beach Park from Deauville Street to Cromer Road – only 2 more infested sections left!

Areas of Beaumaris proposed by Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. to be designated for protection in Bayside Council’s  2003 Neighbourhood Character Review

JUNE 2003

Address by BCS Inc. President to Special Meeting on Heritage of Bayside City Council’s General Committee

Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. makes new Regulations Nos. 2 and 3, to establish Standing Orders for meetings, and provisions for elections at General Meetings.

MAY 2003

 Issue of the Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. Bulletin


Special Council Election Issue of the Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. Bulletin – The Society’s recommendations on the best candidate in Moysey and Ebden Wards.

Proposed “Viewing Platforms” at Moysey Gardens in Beach Park: Intrusion of Unnecessary Structures is Opposed – Spending should be on Pest Plant control.

Australia’s acute bushfires bring back memories of the 1944 Beaumaris Bushfire to Bayside Councillor Graeme Disney (Bayside Leader, 27 Jan 2003, p. 14) and BCS Inc. Treasurer, Geoffrey Goode, who both have strong  memories of being  near it as young children when it happened: Click here to see copy of the Report on that bushfire.


50th Anniversary, on 28th January 2003, of the Inaugural General Meeting of Beaumaris Tree Preservation Society (renamed Beaumaris Conservation Society in 1970)

Congratulations to Roy Hardcastle AO, a member of Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc. since 1983, on the announcement, in the Australia Day Honours List, of his appointment as an Officer of the Order of Australia

Minutes of General Meeting of the Beaumaris Conservation Society, in 2003

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